Why Should I Buy a Renovated Property?

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As home shoppers drive through one of their targeted neighborhoods (markets) they may wonder about a house they had seen years before – a house in disarray, obviously needing care and significant updating.  The home shoppers are now surprised when they drive by this same property that only months before was an eyesore but now it’s resplendent, attractive, with a lot of curb appeal and striking features.  And that’s just the curbside view.  They can only imagine how the interior looks – so their curiosity leads them to call the realtor listed on the sale sign.

At Crossgates Properties we are proud of the work we do

After we buy and then renovate a house in the Rochester area that had been lowering home values in the market for years, neighbors are quick to express their appreciation for the work we’ve done to add value on their street. The best part is when they are surprised at the fair price value proposition – being able to afford to live in such a nice home. Our team at Crossgates is grateful we have the wherewithal to make this happen – bring back houses and positively affect Rochester, NY neighborhoods.

Readers might ask – are there any advantages to buying a renovated home?  What are the benefits?

1. C’mon in!
Why go through the toil and trouble of doing your own renovation?  Buyers of a Crossgates renovated property can move in to their new, freshly renovated home before the ink dries on the purchase paperwork.  While new construction has some advantages (everything smells new) the cost is significantly higher because materials, labor and raw land are being purchased at today’s cost. New homes do not enjoy any softening of the sale price made possible by the original cost of building older homes – which was a fraction of today’s prices.  

2. The Pearl
Buying a home renovated by Crossgates means you’re moving into one of the best homes in your target market.  Crossgates delivers at or above the standards set by the target market – never below. Your renovated Crossgates home will be the envy of your new neighbors.   With your all-new kitchen appliances, upgraded electrical service and plumbing, redesigned bathrooms and functional recreational rooms and eye-popping amenities, they will wish they had bought it.  But the pearl ?  It’s yours.  

3. Cutting the cost of ownership
Many older homes have character, charm, quirky details that are attractive to many buyers. But, oh, the cost of utilities when the house was built 30, 40 or 50 years ago was not a real concern.  It is now.  That’s why a Crossgates renovation includes upgrading wiring, plumbing, HVAC, water heater, doors and windows and insulation throughout the property.  These upgrades are difficult if not impossible to do when the house is occupied, so it’s best to buy a house that’s been taken down to the joists, rafters and 2 by 4’s, making everything accessible for optimizing functionality and efficiency.  Renovation by Crossgates also includes new floors, cabinets, countertops and lighting. These upgrades make the renovated house brighter, more attractive, more functional and much more cost efficient.

4. Close in a New York Minute
As soon as Crossgates buys to renovate, the house is for sale.  How so?  We make sure our potential buyers are aware of what we are doing.  We share with them how we are coming along with building permits, overview by Town inspectors of all requirements for demolition and rebuilding all the way to a signed Certificate of Occupancy.  While we are working all this, potential buyers can approach us and ask questions about the progress and the planned results.  Meantime we are lining up the necessary third parties to make it the sale  transaction with our buyer take place as soon as the house paint is dry.

5.  Not your grandmother’s house
Modern home design is a combination of elements – engineered structure, visual attributes (cathedral ceilings, two story foyer, double sided fireplace, Jack & Jill bathroom) and functional effectiveness.  While some of the basics remain in place even after renovation (rarely does a renovation change the footprint, add another level or dig a basement) the technology, efficiency and resulting functionality of modern materials and methods yield a home that was simply unthinkable forty, thirty or even twenty years ago.  The Crossgates team is constantly scouring all available sources of information for innovation in home renovation.  To the extent possible with given markets and price/value analysis, Crossgates deploys those trending ideas to turn our renovation projects into very desirable properties.

Why work with Crossgates Properties?

Every member of our team has a passion for identifying interesting Rochester, NY real estate projects and renovating them into very desirable finished properties ready for occupancy.  

Our finished products are attractive, affordable and efficient. Since inception, Crossgates has pledged to create and maintain great working relationships with Rochester area community leaders and housing professionals.

Meet the Crossgates Properties, LLC Team

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