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At Crossgates Properties our team is actively searching for  investment opportunities that may be beneficial for you. We buy properties and engage in either minor upgrades, renovation without demolition or complete basement-up reconstruction resulting in ready-to-move-in homes. We will market our properties for sale at a good value for your next investment. Since we are always looking for another project, our inventory is constantly updating. If we don’t have what you’re looking for today, we can meet with you, define your expectations and hunt for a project that meets your investment criteria.

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If you join our investor buyer’s list you can be immediately notified anytime a new property is added to our inventory. We will continue to acquire additional properties, so by joining our list today you can be sure you get first in line for the property you want.

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We Are A Real Estate Investing Company

At Crossgates Properties we buy, renovate, sell and rent homes. We are not Realtors so we will not be acting as your real estate agent or broker even if we buy your house for cash, sell you a house, or rent a home to you – that’s why we don’t charge any fees.  We would be excited about working with you directly OR through your agent or broker if you are currently represented by one.

We Have an Agenda to Improve Housing and Neighborhoods

At Crossgates Properties, LLC, we are focused on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas where we work – one house at a time.  Please call us and ask how you can be a part of our mission.

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