We Highly Value Clients and Partners

Our Team at Crossgates recognizes that our success depends largely on our ability to collaborate with and help other people. By carefully observing highly successful and wealthy individuals, one can deduce that they did not prioritize the acquisition of money as their objective. In fact, much of the money earned was a benefit of the impact they have within their sphere of influence.  Our objective with Crossgates – to improve housing in Rochester, NY, and elsewhere cannot be achieved if our objective is “making money.” 

We look for win/win/win solutions among all participants in a project. In this way, our process to buy/renovate/sell earns trust and credibility, and then the outcomes become predictable and more people want to join the effort. One of the products of this approach is that those in our Rochester, NY, region who want to diversify their investment by collaborating with the Crossgates team can do so by diversifying their portfolio via low risk money lending. By collaborating with the Crossgates team, sellers, buyers, contractors, realtors and investors can realize goals and objectives for housing and investment.

What Our Collaborators Have to Say

“The Crossgates Properties owners are the best team to get projects done! I have known them for 10 years and they are focused, dedicated to their goals, and very easy to work with.”

Christine A.


“I have worked with the Martinez team remodeling the kitchen, picture in the gallery section of this site, and appreciated the clarity of their vision. We developed a good working relationship and they were always prompt responding to requests and provided organized details to help my job!”

Bob C.

General Manager/Contractor

“I have known Sharon and Luis Martinez for several years. They have the highest character, are hardworking and follow through on their commitments.”

Ted P.


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