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At Crossgates Properties, LLC, our team is dedicated to searching for housing opportunities including Rochester, NY, investment property and scouting selected properties meeting stringent criteria that we set for investment returns.  There is no need for buyers to spend hours searching through various social media and multiple listing services, as the odds are that we have already been there by using our network to interact with motivated sellers long before the house goes on market.  The benefits to our buyers are that we have already discarded properties that are overpriced, without inherent value in their market or not promising a good entry point for our clients and followers.  But we will approach our buyers with well selected and upgraded properties meeting their stated requirements.

Why Buy a Home?

Arguably, buying a home is the largest financial decision most people ever make.  But there are many reasons why you should consider buying your first home, or upgrading to a better home, or even investing in Real Estate.

There are many tangible and intangible benefits of owning real property. These include pride of ownership – which although seemingly an intangible – it is in fact something the owner can point to and it is evident to all.  Owners can sleep well knowing all the laws and regulations and economics protecting this large and often principal asset held by citizens.  In addition, there are tax laws written specifically with the purpose to benefit property owners which assist in home value appreciation and include mortgage interest deductions and property tax deductions to name just a few of the best reasons.

As Real Estate owners and investors appreciate, other benefits include the capital gains exclusion, preferential tax treatment, building equity through mortgage reduction, and equity loan availability.   Compared to the wild gyrations of capital markets, wise investments in Real Estate result in very stable, upward trends in value over time, as Real Estate rarely experiences precipitous drops in value when compared to other capital investment vehicles.

Rochester, NY Real Estate Investments: We Pass The Savings On To You

For those who are want to buy homes in Rochester, we are one of the area’s active home buyers, renovators, and sellers. We are continuously looking for available properties to buy, renovate, and sell. We can work around your timeline and goals for buying your next home. If we don’t currently have what you’re looking for, then you join our Buyers List, we will search and try to find a property that meets your specific buying criteria very soon. We strive to ensure that the buying process for you is straightforward, fast, efficient, and seamless. We understand the paperwork involved in real estate transactions and will collaborate with you every step of the way to your satisfaction.

All Types of Homes, All Price Ranges

If you or someone you know wants to make a Rochester, NY real estate investment then we can help. Our search for homes and network of real estate investors enables us to find the perfect type of property for every buyer. From entry-level, first time or renovated properties to move-in ready luxury homes and everything in between, we are confident that we can help you find a property that meets your specific wants, goals, and price range, making it the perfect home for you. 

If you enter your information on this page you can join our buyers list in the Rochester NY real estate market and gain immediate access to our current inventory of beautiful homes. You can also call us at (585) 485-8278.

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