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Are You Interested In An Easier Way To Participate In The Real Estate Market?

If you’re looking for an alternative way to participate in the real estate market, then consider learning about becoming a private lender.  Equity markets have been in turmoil and investors are looking for more reliable returns without sacrificing safety.  What type of investment can satisfy both requirements?  Real Estate investments.

We are a Real Estate solutions company based in Rochester, NY, that specializes in buying, renovating and selling homes. We are always looking for short-term private lenders who are excited to loan money at attractive rates, and which will be secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. We can agree on the terms and a time frame that you’re happy with.

Why Private Lending?

It’s an alternative way to participate in the real estate market in which your investment is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust.

Returns On Your Money

As you examine your investment portfolio, have you considered how private lending in Real Estate can enhance the risk and return characteristics of your portfolio?   Private lending for Real Estate offers competitive returns with well understood risk.  Over many years, the Real Estate market offers relatively low volatility compared to many other vehicles.

If you are a homeowner, what’s one thing that is virtually certain about the value of your home?  That it has gone up, and up, and up over many years.  What’s another thing that can be said about equity and bond markets?  That they have high rates of volatility and not always incrementing in value.  Investing in Real Estate as a private lender allows you to diversify your investment profile – with a brick-and-mortar asset securing your risk.  Are the equity markets on Wall Street rising and falling?  Your home value is not.  Your home value is most likely appreciating every day, and sometimes in negative correlation with equity and bond markets.  Private lending for Real Estate can actually lower the volatility of your investment portfolio and at times provide a higher return with the security of a tangible asset.

Another aspect of private lending for Real Estate is that it is direct – as a lender you can see the property – which is a better hedge.  Thinking about investing in publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)?  They are more like to reflect the stock market in performance.  As a private lender working with our team at Crossgates Properties, LLC, your investment is backed by brick and mortar, and your return is not reduced by fees or agents or commissions or any overhead.  There is no conflict with third parties given that as a private lender you will be interacting directly with the owners of Crossgates.

If you work as a private lender with us at Crossgates Properties, you can benefit from good investment returns. Learn how you can leverage money you’ve held in accounts you didn’t know you could access. Invest in one property – or many – to increment your portfolio with investments secured by Real Estate.

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